Thank you for visiting this website and looking around to see who build this website. My name is Alex and I know how difficult it is to finance your studies in South Africa, to find a good Internship opportunity or to find a Learnership. That is why I started to develop this website; to show people where they have to look to find options.

Most articles on this website consist of a list of companies offering Internships, Bursaries, Scholarships and Learnerships. To find more information about a specific item you have to go to the website I am linking to. Here you will find the information you will need that might help you.

InSaBu is a mix of a few words namely Internships, Bursaries and South Africa. I liked the name and I hope so do you. We are a third party small company and we don’t offer these opportunities ourselves. Please don’t email us asking for a Bursary or a job as we don’t decide that. That is up to the company offering that Bursary Internship or Learnership. Also please don’t post your phone number in the comments, this makes it very easy for spammers to retrieve your phone number and start spamming you.

I hope you like this website and I will do my best to keep everything up to date, but no guarantees. Good luck and it would be awesome if you share your experience when you found a job or bursary using this website.