Bursaries for Investment Management

Investment Management Bursaries

Investment management is basically just a term that refers to the selling and buying of investments in a portfolio. You can include investment management in taxes and budgeting duties, as well as banking. The term, investment management, also refers to the trading of securities, as well as portfolio management to get a precise investment objective. Investment management is also referred to as private banking, portfolio and money management.

Investment management covers the professional management of a lot of different assets and securities, such as real estate, shares, bonds, and other securities. Proper investment management wants to achieve specific investment goals that help investors. These investors can be individuals; this is referred to as private investors.

Fund managers can be insurance companies, educational establishments, governments, or pension fund corporations. Investment management services offer plan implementation, monitoring of existing investments, stock selection, financial statement analysis, and asset allocation.


Bursaries for Investment Management available

1. Nedbank Bursaries

Nedbank is a company that believes that the youth in South Africa is the future of South Africa and that is why they want to assist the youth to build a brighter future. The Nedbank Bursary program is merely one of the many ways that Nedbank is helping to make a difference in South Africa. You can find an online Nedbank bursary application here.

As soon as the online Nedbank Bursary applications are available, you can register with Nedbank and apply for one. Make sure you don’t have anything planned when you want to apply because it usually takes about 45 minutes to finish the form.

Make sure you have all necessary documentation attached to the form. Click here if you would like to read more about the Nedbank bursary program, and remember to fill in all the fields when filling in the form.

2. First National Bank Bursaries

FNB is short for First National Bank. FNB wants to help the youth build a better future by providing great opportunities. Their bursaries are given to candidates that need financial help to reach their dreams, as well as gain their goals. Every year they give a certain amount of bursaries to deserving candidates to help them cover books, accommodation, and tuition fees for every study field a student has.

Visit their website for more information about them or their bursaries. First National Bank has united with other Service Providers for bursaries, you can get an online FNB Bursary application from any of the firms listed on their website. Click here for additional information.

3. National Treasury Bursaries

The National Treasury Department wants to help students that require financial assistance to finish their studies. This is for studies that are considered scarce and critical skills. These skills are needed in the National Treasury Department. All their candidates are offered opportunities to gain these qualifications and skills, as well as to evolve their careers so that they have relevant opportunities to stable work environments.

They wish to help South Africa become skilled in a field of study that will help with the growth of South Africa, in addition to helping with the skilled population. Every year their bursaries are given to those who need their financial help. Online National Treasury bursaries are not available yet, but you can get one of their bursary application forms here. If you would like more information, visit their website or read more on their information brochure.

4. ABSA Bursaries

ABSA is one of the few companies that recognizes that life can be hard and sometimes you need help to achieve your goals which in return leads to a fulfilling and successful career. ABSA is looking for motivated and dedicated candidates to give their bursaries to so that they can have a successful career in the realm of finance. If what you want is to work in the field of finance, then apply for one of ABSA’s bursaries.

ABSA Bank wants to help fill all the positions in the financial sector with properly qualified, and skilled candidates. They are looking for candidates that truly want to study full-time to reach this. Every year ABSA has sponsored between 50 and 80 candidates for the last five years. They sponsor candidates in a wide range of different fields and will continue doing so with their ABSA bursary program.

You can click here for one of their online ABSA bursary applications or contact ABSA bank for more information and assistance.

5. Stanlib Bursaries

The Sanlib Company is one of South Africa’s biggest asset companies and they want to help build the future for youth within South Africa. They want to help the youth in South Africa that has had disadvantaged backgrounds. They have achieved their goals in 7 different countries and they also manage more than 400 000 client’s assets and they are still busy growing.

Stanlib’s main headquarters are located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Stanlib was created between Liberty Life’s Wealth Management Interests and Standard bank as far back as 1862. They give their candidates the best they can offer in the financial service management with best educated and professionally trained staff. Read more on their bursary program here.

Investment Management Study Fields

  • Management Accountancy
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Investment Management
  • Business Management
  • Business Finance
  • Cost and Management Accountancy
  • Universities offering Investment Management Studies Bursary fields are:
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • University of western cape
  • North-West University

A wide selection of careers is available in this profession. With Investment Management these fields are available:

  • Investment Banking Auditors.
  • Corporate Treasurers.
  • Investment Banking Managers and Executives.
  • Financial Regulators in: 
> South African Revenue Services. 
> Reserve Bank of South Africa. 
> Large
  • Municipalities. 
> Financial Services Board.
  • Financial Market Traders.
  • Investment Banking Sales Managers.
  • Transactors and Investment Banking Originators.
  • Risk Managers.

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