Top Picks Of Microbiology Internships 2018-2019

microbiology internships south africa

Internships for Microbiology Obtaining Microbiology internships is not an easy job as not that many companies offer Internships for Microbiology. Scroll down for our list of companies offering these Internships. The study of micro-organisms is called microbiology. This includes viruses, protozoa, organisms, archaea and bacteria. It is the research of […] Read more »

See Our List Of Film & Media Internships 2018-2019 South Africa

Internships Film & Media

Internships for Film & Media The film and media industry includes a variety of businesses. Anything from films, photography, radio, television, internet, writing, designing and more can be included in this field. This means that even make-up artists, sound engineers, writers, actors, technicians and more all fall under this field. […] Read more »

Electrical Engineering Internships 2018-2019

electrical engineering internships

Internships for Electrical Engineering There is a world filled with careers in the electrical engineering field. These vary through multiple industries and usually include fields such as electronics, electromagnetism and electricity. We live in a world filled with technological advances and almost everything has some link to electrical engineering. Electrical […] Read more »

Latest Accounting Internships In South Africa 2018-2019

accounting internships south africa

Internships For Accounting in South Africa There are many forms of accounting. Accounting is the process of keeping detailed records of a person or businesses income and expenses or finance. Accounting is the process of measuring financial information to asses’ economic growth. It is a vital part of any business, […] Read more »

Current HR Internships 2017 in South Africa 2018-2019

Human Resources Internships In South Africa for 2017 HR or Human Resources are vital to all companies and industries throughout the world. It is known as a department that manages manpower, personnel or a company’s workers. It could include the hiring and firing process, the payroll, labour disputes, employee contracts, […] Read more »

See The Top IT Internships 2017 In South Africa 2018-2019

Information Technology Internships for 2017 Information Technology, also known as IT. This field relates to most industries as it is all about the technological advancements and information or data and its processing. It is widely used in the healthcare industry, mining, electrical, communications industries and several more industries around the […] Read more »

Marketing Internships In South Africa 2018-2019

marketing internships south africa

  SA Marketing Internships for 2017 Marketing is the promotion of products and services. It is the way companies and businesses convey what they offer to clients. It is getting the product to the clients, getting consumers to use and buy what you have to offer. This field is used […] Read more »

Travel & Tourism Internships in South Africa For 2018-2019

travel and tourism internships south africa

  Tourism & Travel Internships in South Africa Travel & Tourism internships are a field that stretches its wings into all the corners of the world. It includes businesses for transport, accommodation, sight-seeing, attractions, entertainment and more. These are not only used by people going on holiday, they are also […] Read more »