Latest Paramedics Learnerships In South Africa

In the Healthcare industry, paramedics only do a little part in saving lives, yet, these are sometimes the difference between life and death. Paramedics usually perform their work in outside environments, they are a group of medical professionals that are called out when there is an emergency. They mainly deal […] Read more »

Learnerships for Electrical Engineering

With learnerships for Electrical Engineering programs, candidates get a strong grip of what takes place within the workforce of Electrical Engineering. These learnership programs provide candidates with practical experience while they also develop skills. Such a learnership can give candidates a better position of employment or self-employment. A lot of […] Read more »

Learnerships for Hospitality

Hospitality Learnerships in South Africa There are a lot of industries that relates to hospitality and it includes a big range of diverse businesses. The industry consists of a lot of different businesses like hotels, cruise ships, game lodges, casino’s, clubs, restaurants, and much more. A lot of people just […] Read more »

Prison Warder learnerships

Learnerships for Becoming a Prison Warder Another word for prison warder is correctional service officer. Throughout South Africa, prison warders work in jails, as well as prisons. A prison warder’s main duties are to manage, oversee, and guard the inmates in the jails and prisons. The prison warders will also […] Read more »

Correctional Services Learnerships (DCS Learnerships South Africa)

The Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) offers a learnership program in Correction Services. The DCS wants all people to join in the Correctional Services Learnership, this includes people with relevant qualifications, interests and from any background. The program will provide equal NQF Level […] Read more »

South African Police Service SAPS Learnerships

SAPS Learnerships Within each South African Province, the South African Police Service or SAPS has some Learnership available annually. All their candidates will learn about criminal activities, road laws, traffic laws, road traffic signs, and also causes and prevention of road accidents. All candidates will be involved in operations, upholding […] Read more »

Learnerships for Agriculture

The Top Agriculture Learnerships in South Africa All learnerships for Agriculture include candidates that must work with plants and animals. Nature is used for a lot of things regarding people. Nature is used to protect, nourish, cloth, and feed people. Agriculture involves the development, cultivating, breeding, growing, and much more […] Read more »

South Africa’sTop Social Development Learnerships

Social Development Learnerships in South Africa Does Social Development interest you? Social development requires candidates to do a lot of work and they should love to help people evolve in their life and gain their potentials. All candidates should think twice about taking this career path. This isn’t a field […] Read more »