Finding The Top Tourism Learnerships 2018-2019 in South Africa

Tourism Learnerships

Learnerships In Tourism

Tourism is an exciting career path filled with adventure, learning and loads of excitement. It can include learning fields, travel, advisory and more. This is a world known field and includes a wide range of businesses and industries. Tourism can influence the economy of a country and the success of a business. Tourism learnerships are a great way to find a job in the tourism industry. Scroll down to see our list of companies offering tourism learnerships.

Universities offering Tourism study fields are:

  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Unisa
  • Damelin
  • University of Pretoria
  • North-West University
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University

The selection of career paths to consider with this profession is unlimited. Here are some industries you can consider in this field:

  • Tour Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Manager
  • Tourism Officer
  • Travel Agent
  • Travel Agent Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • Wild Life Guide
  • Game Ranger
  • Outdoor activities Manager
  • Culinary Chef

Tourism Learnerships Available

Companies providing Learnerships in Tourism:


This company brings the businesses together with the learners. They offer a variety of programs on a yearly basis. Interested individuals must meet all requirements to be able to apply.

Learner Programs

Department of Tourism

This Department makes use of the Z83 application form. They have a number of programs running yearly. Applicants must meet all set out stipulations to be able to apply. Once their programs become available, they will list them on their website and also advertise them in newspapers. The application must be fully completed and must be submitted along with certified copies of all required documents. Once applications close a shortlist of candidates will be made, only these will be contacted. If you do not hear from this Department within three months of the closing date, you may assume your application was unsuccessful.


Pen Travel

Candidates interested in applying with this company must submit all detail and documents as requested via the linked webpage. Only those who meet all stipulations will be contacted. Thus, if you do not get any feed back, your application was not selected.


The Backpack

Programs offered by this company is usually for a period of three-months or longer. Applicants must be well-groomed, confident and have an outgoing personality. Applicants must be willing to work weekends and holidays if requested. Openings may include deskwork, client relations, travel planning and more.

Careers Page

South African Tourism Company

Once their applications open it will be displayed on the website. This company seeks talented individuals who meet their requirements. Only successful applicants will be contacted.


Cape Student

The SA Cape has so many possibilities. This company offers successful applicants an amazing experience. They assist candidates to find suitable programs for their field of interest. This includes airport services, entertainment, travel and more.


Teaching Learnerships 2018-2019 – Become A Teacher With Learnerships For Teaching

teaching learnerships south africa

Companies Offering Learnerships For Teaching

Do you want to be a teacher? Teaching is a formal role and also one that is a life commitment. There is a variety of positions and fields within teaching. Teaching roles can start with babies to toddlers, ground level or basic education and progress to more specified sections such as University education. Teaching also includes fields such as music, art, religion and more. Teaching learnerships help you with a formal career in an institute, or less formal as with private education. There are quite some companies offering learnerships for teaching in South Africa. Scroll down for our list.

Universities offering Learnerships for Teaching study fields are:

  • Varsity College
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • Boston City College
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Technology
  • Lyceum College
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • University of Pretoria
  • North-West University

In this field there is a number of career paths for successful individuals. Below are some of the career paths to consider:

  • Daycare teacher
  • Crèche Teacher
  • Primary Teaching
  • Further Education Teaching
  • Secondary Teaching
  • Private Teacher
  • Principal
  • Extracurricular Teaching fields

Teaching Learnerships Available

Teaching learnerships are offered by companies such as these and more:

Department of Higher Education

Candidates must use the Z83 application form, it must be completed fully and signed by the applicant. This Department has a number of programs and also provides more programs in conjunction with other companies as mentioned on their skills development page. Open programs will be advertised online and in print.

Skills Development

Department of Basic Education

Applications must be made via the Z83 form. This program usually opens during June or July. Only applicants who make the shortlist will be contacted. Thus, all contact detail provided must be in working order. The completed application along with all document may be submitted to the nearest office of this Department in your town or area. Available programs and positions will be advertised on the Departments website.


Elkanah House

This company has basic educational level programs and programs for graduates. They offer programs at four different campuses for qualifying candidates. Their programs run for a period of one-year. Applicants interested in their programs should submit their current CV, academic results, a motivational letter and proof of identification to the stipulated department on the website. Only successful applicants will be contacted.



To apply for learnerships with this company, applicants should contact the office in their area of living. Contact details can be found on the Learnership Details page of their website. To be able to apply, applicants should meet all stipulations. They offer programs for basic or core education, specialized education and life skills.

Web Page
Learnership Details
Learnership Guide

Junior Colleges

With this College an applicant must first register then create their online CV before applying to any of their programs. All the basic stipulations must be met before lodging your application. Applications are only made accessible once their program opens.


The Best Nursing Learnerships Available in 2018-2019

nursing learnerships south africa

SA Learnerships For Nursing

Nursing is a field only used in the medical industries. There are however, a couple of different career paths in this field. This field places its focus on caring for the ill, weak, young and elderly. Nurses assist professionals in the healthcare industry such as specialists, doctors, therapists and more. They care for patients, administer medication and assist with tasks patients can’t perform for themselves. Nursing Learnerships are offered by various Institutions and companies. Scroll down for our list of companies offering learnerships for nursing.

Universities offering Nursing study fields are:

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of Pretoria
  • North-West University

Companies offering careers in this field include:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulance Services

Career paths for the nursing field:

  • Clinic Nurse
  • Trauma Nurse
  • Theater Nurse
  • Intensive Care Nurse
  • Ward Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Maternity Nursing

Nursing Learnerships Available

Here are some of the companies providing Nursing Learnerships:


With this company a candidate must first register to be able to apply to their program once it is open. The application form must be fully completed and signed. All detail must be current and documents must be certified. Late applications will not be looked at. Be sure to read the advertisement or detail of program correctly before applying.


Department of Health Limpopo

This government department offers different opportunities in the nursing field for qualifying applicants. Once their program opens detail will be posted on their website. Applicants must meet all requirements to be eligible. Every applicant must follow and adhere to all requirements to be eligible.


Department of Health Gauteng

The Department of Health Gauteng has a variety of different learnerships available on a yearly basis. Once their program in each field become available, they will be made accessible on their website. Additionally, these will be advertised in newspapers, magazines and online.


Department of Health North West

This Department offers 12-month contract learnerships for nursing. They do not have an online application process. The application forms may be collected from the Departments offices within the applicant’s area of stay. These forms along with all required documentation must be returned to the office of collection. Successful applicants will also receive a monthly allowance for the duration of the learnership.

Careers Page

Department of Health Kwa-Zulu Natal

This Department makes use of local papers to advertise their program. These advertisements will also be displayed at all hospitals and clinics in the area. These usually open in January every year. Instruction, details and closing dates will be provided on these advertisements. The Z83 application form will be required to apply. The application and documentation must be posted to the address supplied on the advertisement and no other address. Hand deliveries will not be accepted; the advertisement instructions must be followed to the letter to be eligible. Only applicants who are successful will be notified.



This company has their own training facilities. They offer a selection of programs to talented individuals each year. More details can be found on their website as linked below. They offer basic and specialist programs. Late applications or those missing any documentation will not be taken into account.


Learnerships for N2, N3, N4 2018-2019 In South Africa

Learnerships For N2, N3, N4

Companies Offering N2, N3, N4 Learnerships in South Africa

Learnerships for N2, N3, N4 include a diverse selection of career paths. These range from artisans to engineers and everything in between. Talented individuals with great math skills, physics, science and who love to work with their minds, as well as their hands are ideal for these learnerships. Construction, mining, designing, development, civil, production, chemical and other similar industries all offer some opportunity in these fields. N2, N3. N4 Learnerships provided here are perfect for those who would like to study further and improve their current qualifications.

Institutes offering Learnerships for N2, N3 & N4 study fields are:

  • FET College
  • Unisa
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Central Johannesburg College
  • Damelin College
  • Technisa
  • Rhodes University
  • College of Cape Town
  • South West Gauteng College
  • North-West University
  • University of Limpopo
  • University of Technology
  • Boston college

Some of the available N2, N3& N4 Career fields:

  • Toolmaker
  • Machinist
  • Draughtsman
  • Millwright
  • Engineering science
  • Fitting and turning
  • Boilermaker
  • Instrument technician
  • Mechanical technician
  • Diesel mechanic

N2, N3, N4 Learnerships Available

Listed below is some of the companies that offer N2 Learnerships, N3 Learnerships and N4 Learnerships in these fields.


Are you a team player, do you love working with your hands? Then Sasol may have a learnership ideal for you. Sasol offers a paid learnership program to gifted individuals who meet all the requirements. Applicants must hold a valid grade 12 certificate. English, Science and Mathematics must be subjects they completed. Selected applicants will also need to complete a medical fitness and psychometric test. An interview and security clearance check will also be done, as well as a verification of all documents. Applications open the start of October yearly and close the end of the same month. This company has an sms application system. During the month of October candidates can send the word ‘LEARNER’ as an sms to 33162 to apply.



This company offers learnerships with assistance from the TETA. All applicants must meet the requirements as set out to be eligible. Their programs differ in length according to the applicant’s experience and field of interest. Some are only for 3-months, other 6-months and even 3-years. Successful applicants will be required to sign a contract with the company for the duration of their program. Permanent employment with the company upon completion of the program is not a guarantee. The fully completed application, certified copies of all documents and a copy of the applicant’s ID must be submitted together.

Apply Now

Anglo American

Learnerships offered by Anglo American are usually in the fields of commerce, science, technology and engineering. They have programs such as these running in every country where they operate, each with their own stipulations and requirements. Applicants can find more detail on their website.

Apply Now


Applications are only made available once this company opens their learnership program. Once the program becomes active, detail will be posted on their careers page as linked below. All writing on the application form must be legible and details current. No blank spaces are allowed, meaning the application must be completed fully. Only applicants who quality will be communicated with. An interview will be set-up before rewarding any learnerships.

Apply Now


This company assists unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years in finding a learnership that is in line with their field. All applicants must have completed Grade 12 and be fluent in English. They also assist companies to provide programs for their new and existing employees.

Apply Now


This company has operations running in 130 countries worldwide. They believe in assisting to develop talented candidates to achieve their full potential. Thus, they have a variety of programs every year. Their application process usually opens during the month of October yearly. Applications must be completed and returned with all documentation as stipulated.

Apply Now


Education is an important issue for this company. It is one of the main reasons for their extensive programs they offer. Their programs offer learners the chance to enhance their knowledge and hone their skills. Once applications open candidates need to complete the application form, and submit it along with certified documentation as required by the company.

Apply Now


CETA assists talented individuals to find a program suitable for them and their skill set. Applicants must meet all requirements before making application. All documentation must be copied and certified, the application must be completed in full and all detail must be current.

Apply Now


Telkom is the leading company in South Africa where communication services are concerned. They offer connectivity solutions to most of SA. They seek driven, eager learners to join their programs.

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South Africa’s Top Mining Learnerships For 2018-2019

mining learnerships south africa

Learnerships For Mining In South Africa

There are quite some companies offering mining learnerships but what exactly is mining?Mining usually implies the extraction of metals, minerals and other substances from under the surface of the planet. Substances such as coal, oil, clay, minerals, metals and more are found in the ground. These are extracted by mining due to most being found deep beneath the surface in seams, pockets or deposits.

Mining has been around for many centuries, the only difference is the extraction methods that have evolved. Once removed from the ground many of these need to go through a variety of additional processes before it can be used. Thus, there are multiple sectors to mining.

Universities offering Mining Learnerships/ study fields are:

  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Technology
  • University of South Africa
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Some of the career paths to ponder upon in the mining industry are as follow:

  • Metallurgy
  • Miner
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Fitter
  • Welder

Mining Learnerships Available

Companies offering Mining Learnerships:


This company has operations in a 130 countries. To be eligible you must complete the application in full and sign it. They seek minds open to development and eager to learn. They offer exceptional programs to successful candidates.


Opportunities with this company can be found online on sites such as Indeed, Career Junction, SA Learnerships, and more. They have available programs for each of their pants, departments and operations. Each of these have their own HR departments that handles their applications. Details to their programs can be found on their website and graduate pages.


Exceptional programs are provided for gifted individuals with this company on a yearly basis. They have a selection of programs to offer applicants. Many of their successful candidates can also be offered part-time to permanent work upon effective completion of their programs, however, this is not guaranteed. Selected individuals may be invited for an interview. Applicants who are awarded access to their program may be required to sign a contract for the program period.


Anglo American

Each year this company offers learnership programs for talented applicants. These range from technology, commerce, to engineering and science. Their program aims at enabling bright young minds to reach their full potential. Many of their successful candidates become fulltime employees of the company upon completing their program.


Once this companies program opens, the applications will be made available. These can them be found at any Lonmin office or at your careers office on campus. The application must be submitted before the closing date, completed in full and have all required documentation attached.

Murray & Robberts

This company does not have an online application process. Their program will be advertised on their careers page once open. Applications can be collected for your University career center or their offices once the program opens. They are a globally recognized construction company.

Careers Page


Once their program opens, applicants will be able to apply online via the linked page below. Learnerships in your field can be found by selecting your field of interest. Please read the application and complete in full. Submit all required document with the application.

Careers Page


Every year this company offers a range of programs. Selected applicants will have an opportunity to learn more about their field in a working environment. Applications must be submitted with all required documents on time.

Gold Fields

For a great start to a mining career, this is the company to see. They offer their successful candidates specific training in their field, development and mentoring to enhance their knowledge. They environment is safe, rewarding and challenging. Additionally, they also offer programs for apprenticeship.

De Beers

Applications are only available when this company opens their program. However, candidates may also collect the form from their College or University careers campus centers. They advertise their program when it opens online and through the media. Any open programs will be listed on the career page of their website. Completed application along with certified documentation must reach them before the closing date. Short listed applicants will be contacted. An interview may also be required. You can also note your interest by registering your CV.

Top Government Learnerships 2018-2019 in South Africa

Government Learnerships

Governmental Learnerships

The SA Government has a variety of departments, many of these offer Government learnerships and other programs to gifted individuals every year. Their learnerships are each associated with a field of work. These include trades such as fitting & turning, electrical engineering and surveying, as well as hairdressing, HR, marketing, sales, IT, Management or project management.

Universities offering Government Learnerships study fields are:

  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of Pretoria
  • North-West University
  • False bay TVET university
  • Wits University
  • Monash University
  • Peninsula University
  • Rosebank University

Top Government Learnership fields in South Africa

  • agriculture
  • banking
  • acounting
  • business studies management
  • administration
  • call center
  • commerce
  • fitting and tuning
  • welders
  • it
  • journalism
  • mining

Top Government Learnerships Available

Listed below is some of the Government Departments that offer learnerships. All Government programs require the completion of the Z83 form unless otherwise stated.

Department of Agriculture

There are so many South Africa’s departments that offer opportunities for its citizens including the Department of Agriculture. Their aim is only to develop and educate the South African people properly in training programs for sufficient work in the future. Interested candidates can complete the online registration form via the link below.

Apply Now

Department of Minerals

Learnership opportunities with this department is mainly for the mining industry. Candidates must complete the Z83 application. More detail to their programs will be made available on their website once these open.

Department of Education

They aim at assisting people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to further their knowledge and become professionals in their fields. Interested individuals can apply for their program once it becomes available via the linked page below.

Apply Now

Department of Home Affairs

They offer a range of programs for graduates and students on a yearly basis. Their program runs once a year and is open to applicants between the ages 18 to 35. Applicants must meet all criteria before making the application. Applications must be submitted to the correct offices and program number or name must clearly be marked on the application for it to qualify.

Apply Now

Department of Economic Development

This Department offers graduates and students great opportunities. Once their program opens it will be advertised through papers and on their website yearly. To apply, you must meet all stipulations, complete the application form fully and submit it with all documents on time.

Department of Energy

This department opens their doors for students and qualifying individuals on a yearly basis with their available programs. Detail on these will be listed on their careers page once open. Applicants must download and complete the Z83 form to be able to apply. This form must then be submitted with certified copies of all required documents.

Department of Environmental Affairs

They invite unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years that have completed Grade 12 and are fluent in English, to be trained in a variety of sectors for work readiness. Their sectors include coast, water, ecosystems, forest, fire, waste and all aspects of that touch the environment.

Department of Health

This Government Department has available programs in all the provinces of South Africa. Applications can usually be found with the office of this department in your area. More detail can also be found online on their website.

Department of Social Development

This Department works with all social development and care issues. They do not have many programs available yearly but when they do it will be accessible through their website.

South African Police Services

The SA Police Services warns candidates of false adverts being spread around. They only make their programs available on their website. Their programs run for a period of 12-months and are open to individuals between 18 and 35 years of age.

Statistics South Africa

Details to their programs and application forms can be found on their website. They also provide programs for those living with a disability. More detail is provided once their programs open.

National Treasury

This Department has a range of programs available. Details and application forms can be found online on their website. To be eligible to apply, applicants must meet all the set out requirements. Applications must be fully completed, signed and returned with documentation.

Justice South Africa

Their programs are open to matriculates and graduates yearly. Applicants must comply with all requirements before applying. Any applications not signed, completed in full or missing documents will not be considered. The Z83 application form is required with this department. All documentation supplied must be certified copies.

Flight Attendant Learnerships 2018-2019 Opportunities To Become Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Learnerships

Learnerships for Flight Attendants

Air hosts / hostesses, cabin crew / cabin attendants also called flight attendants mainly serve passengers on airplanes. The first flight attendants were seen on aircraft’s in 1912 and their main concern is the safety of the passengers. They assist the passengers onboard to find their seats and stow their carry-on luggage, ensure all passengers are strapped in, explains emergency procedures, ensure comfort during the flight and also aid the passengers to exit safely upon landing.

Educational Centers for Flight Attendant:

  • Johannesburg school of flying
  • Madiba bay school of flight
  • U-fly training academy
  • Cape Town flight training centre
  • Flight Training Academy
  • Central Flying Academy, Johannesburg Germiston

Flight Attendant learnerships are known to be a straight forward kind of field. Industries that offers internships may include:

  • Government
  • Tourism
  • Travel

Flight Attendant Career fields:

  • flight attendant
  • cabin attendant
  • flight crew

Flight Attendant Learnerships Available

Listed below are some of the companies that offer flight attendant learnerships in this field.

Blue Crane

This company has great programs for gifted individuals who meet all the stipulations. They program and applications will be made available on their website yearly. Once applications open all detail will be found on their careers page as per the link.

Apply Now

SAA- South African airways

This company has a couple of stipulations that must be met. Here is some of the listed requirements. Applicants must have passed grade 12 or equivalent and pass the SAA English Language Proficiency Test. You must have the ability to work under pressure, ensure that you are excellent with verbal and written communication skills and must be medically fit. You may be expected to undergo criminal, pre-employment assessments and qualification checks. There’s a minimum height (1.58) m and you should be a very competent swimmer. Once their program opens, applicants can apply via the link provided.

Apply Now

SA Air link

The application can be downloaded from their site once the program opens. Upon completion it can be submitted to the company. Applicants must be sure they meet all the requirements before submitting. Only those candidates who are selected to be added to the shortlist will be contacted. Late or incomplete applications will be discarded.

Apply Now


Fly Safair is always on the lookout for savvy, professional and smart individuals who wants to join their team and grow. They are seeking people with professionalism, integrity, commitment and good communication skills. SaFair has been in the aviation business for almost 50years. If you feel that this is you and you are committed to be a part of the team at Fly Safair, don’t hesitate. Send a copy of your ID along with your CV to ( if there is no available position that suits your skills they shall keep your CV on record until something opens up.

Once their programs open, you can find more detail on their website on the Careers page.

Com Air or here

Here you can apply simply by registering to their job page. You need to create a profile, upload your detail and logging in. They offer a range of programs annually for qualifying candidates. This program is open to candidates of age 18 to 35.

Fast Jet

You must be a citizen of Zimbabwe or South Africa to apply with this company. A high school education degree is required along with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. At fast jet they are proud of their values and they work to ensure that their cabin crew meets a high standard of safety.

Apply Now

Civil Engineering Learnerships 2018-2019

Civil Engineering Learnerships

Learnerships for Civil Engineering In South Africa

This discipline falls under professional engineering fields. It entails the designing, construction along with maintenance of buildings, dams, bridges, canals, roads and more. It is one of the oldest engineering fields. Traditionally it is divided into multiple fields as listed below. This field can be practiced and used from the private sector to Government.

Civil Engineering Fields:

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transport Engineering
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Offshore Engineering
  • Urban Engineering
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Surveying
  • Façade Engineering
  • Wastewater Engineering

Universities offering Civil Engineering study fields are:

  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Damelin
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Central Technical College
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Pretoria
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • North-West University

There is a wide selection of career for this profession. Industries to consider for Civil Engineering fields are:

  • Metal & Mining
  • Utilities
  • Railway
  • Gas & Oil
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics

Civil Engineering Learnerships Available

Companies offering Civil Engineering Learnerships:


Eskom offers programs in a variety of engineering fields. Their applications are made available once the program commences yearly. The forms must be fully completed and be submitted with relevant documentation. All contact detail must be current and all documents certified (no older that three months). Late or applications received incomplete will be discarded.


Glencore has a variety of excellent opportunities for qualifying candidates. Each plant, department and operation program works through their own HR department. Additionally they also advertise available programs and learnerships on sites such as SA Learnerships, Indeed, Careers Junction and more. Their programs open at different times during the year but more detail can be found on their website.


This is a passionate company that is known for its management, engineering and technical expertise. They offer creative and gifted candidates the opportunity to learn from experts in their field on a yearly basis. Applications become available once the program opens. Please complete all fields and submit with certified documents as requested.


Sasol usually opens their program with the start of each year. All details of their program is accessible on their graduate / careers page as soon as it opens. Applicants who are interested to apply may also send an enquiring email to The application form must be fully completed and submitted along with all relevant documentation.


This company has good program for newly graduated individuals. Compensations will be determined in accordance to each selected applicants level of study and field. Successful candidates will, however, not be entitled to medical aid membership or any provident funds. There is not guarantee of fulltime employment after program period.

Murray & Robberts

This company offers bursaries, internships and learnerships to talented individuals every year. They are a globally recognized company with a strong presence. They no longer offer applications online and strictly work through all Universities to select eligible candidates for their program.

BHP Billion

Opportunities for graduates with BHP Billion is diverse and not limited. They have a variety of opportunities for qualifying applicants. Their opportunities are shown through the pages listed below. They usually open for applications during July to December yearly.

De Beers

Once this company opens their program, online applications will be available. Alternatively, you can collect the application at your College or University career centers. Available programs will be made accessible through their careers page. Your application must be fully completed and submitted along with all certified documentation. Shortlisted applicants will be notified and may be asked to attend an interview. You can also register your CV with the company as a notice of interest.

Gold Fields

If you are looking for a great start to a mining career, this company is the key. They offer candidates in some Civil Engineering fields a great opportunity. They promise a safe, rewarding and challenging experience while learning from the best in each field. They offer more detail to their programs online in addition to advertising their programs as they become available.

The Best Traffic Officer Learnerships in South Africa 2018-2019

traffic officer learnerships

Learnerships for Traffic Officer

A traffic officer must learn and know all the rules of the road so that he or she can enforce them. Additionally, they have to ensure that all people, whether it is pedestrians, cars or trucks use the road safely. They aim to safeguard and certify that all roads are being utilized in a systematic manner to avoid accidents.

Universities offering Traffic Officer study fields are:

  • Limpopo Traffic Training College
  • Boekenhoutkloof Traffic Training College
  • Lengau Traffic Training College
  • Mangaung Traffic Training College
  • KZN Traffic Training
  • Gene Louw Traffic Training College
  • Durban Metro Police Department Academy
  • Johannesburg Metro Police Department Academy
  • Tshwane Metro Police Department Academy
  • Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department Academy
  • Port Elizabeth Traffic Training College
  • Matjhabeng Traffic Training College
  • Cape Town Metro Police Department

Traffic Officer Learnerships Available

Listed below is some of the companies that offer internships in this field. All Government learnerships will require the completion of a Z83 Application Form.

Department of Community Safety

This department has a newly established training college in Mpumalanga. They offer traffic officer learnership yearly to those living in the local communities. They encourage people with disabilities to also apply. The Z83 application can be downloaded as above or collected from the nearest Public Service Department. This form must be fully completed and submitted along with certified copies of your ID, academic results, any other qualifications, a covering letter and your current CV.

Selected applicants will also be required to commit to a 12-month contract with the department. Applications can be submitted to the Department of Community Safety, Senior Manager at Riverside Park Ext. 2, Government Boulevard, Building 4. Alternatively, it can be posted to the Senior Manager, HRM & D, Security & Liaison, Private Bag X11269, Nelspruit, 1200.

Western cape government

This government department has a variety of programs to offer qualifying applicants. The following programs are made available for qualifying applicants.

  • PAY – Premier Advancement of Youth

This program focusses on newly matriculated candidates who are interested in joining the public sector.

  • Expanded Public Works

This program is ideal for applicants between the ages or 18 and 35. If offers experience and temporary work while developing skills.

  • SETA – Service Education and Training Authority

There are 21 sectors offering exceptional training programs.

Gauteng department of safety

To apply you must complete the Z83 application. You can download it above or collect one from your nearest Public Service Department. Along with the completed application, you must submit a current CV, certified copies of your ID document, Academic transcripts and any other relevant documents or qualifications. All certified documents must be recently certified, copies certified more than 6-months prior to the application is not accepted. Only applicants who make the short-list will be contacted.

NW Government

Certify copies of your academic records, qualifications and ID documents. These must be attached to the application form, as above, the Z83, as well as an updated CV. If any of these are missing the application will not be looked at. You can enquire for more detail with Mr. G.M. Malotane, contact on 018 200 8279. Completed applications and documents can be sent to the Human Resources Management at the Department of Community Safety, Office 183, Tirelo Building, Albert Luthuli Drive or Private Bag X19, Mmabatho, 2735.

Apply Now


This department requires a fully completed Z83 application. Download this form above and submit it along with certified copies of all your qualifications and documentation. Applications must be submitted on time to be eligible. Each learnership position will have a reference number. This number can be found with the advertisement of the program. The application must have the relevant reference number clearly stated as well.


To qualify for the program offered, applicants must complete the application. All detail provided must be current. The application must be accompanied by all academic reports, certified copies of ID and other relevant documents. Applications can be collected from the nearest Metro Police offices and returned to the same department once completed. Applications not signed or delivered late will not be taken into consideration. The same applies for applications submitted via postage, fax or email.

The Top Fitting and Turning Learnerships In SA 2018-2019

Fitting and Turning Learnerships in South Africa

Fitting and turning is a field that can be used in a variety of industries. You will be working on machines of different sizes, ensuring plants and other equipment run according to schedule, replacing and fixing parts and more. You can enter government sectors, health and safety and mining industries with qualifications in fitting and turning, as well as many other industries.

Universities offering Fitting and Turning study fields are:

  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of Pretoria
  • North-West University

There is a wide selection of career paths to consider with this profession. Industries you can consider in the Fitting and Turning field:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Electronics
  • Metal & Mining
  • Utilities
  • Railway
  • Gas & Oil

Fitting and Turning Learnerships Available

Companies offering Electrical Engineering Internships:


The application form must be completed in full and signed. This form along with all required documents can be delivered to the Human Resources department, Recruitment Centre, Old Coega Road (R102), Markman. They also offer an online application process. Closing dates may vary slightly every year, however, they usually close the last three months of the year.


This company offers a range of different opportunities for qualifying applicants. Each department, operations or plant has a HR department that works with their own learnership program. Most of them do advertise their available learnerships with sites online such as Career Junction, SA Learnership, Indeed and more. You can find more detail on their website and graduate pages online. Some of their programs opens in October, closing December and others only opens December closing January.

Rand Water

This company offers different learnerships on a yearly basis. Once they become available, these will be advertised on their website, as well as in newspapers, online and in magazines. These are advertised throughout the year. The application must be completed fully, no blank spaces allowed. It must be submitted with all required documents, transcripts and certified copies of ID document. Applicants who qualify will be contacted to attend an interview.


With this company you can expect learnerships available the beginning of each year. Once their learnership program opens, you will be able to find all details on their Careers page. Interested applicants can also send an enquiring email to All applications must be completed fully, signed and submitted with all relevant documents.


Denel’s application and selection process is quite strict. Before submitting the application online ensure all fields are completed in full. Attach all documentation and only current contact detail. Their programs close the end of every year around August and September. Any late applications or those missing documentation will not qualify.

Petra Diamonds

This company does not have an online application process. Once their learnership program opens it will be advertised online and in print through a variety of websites, newspapers and magazines. Applicants must complete the application form and submit with the required documents to Applications may also be submitted via fax using this number, 086 719 3238. Their program will also be advertised on their careers page once open.

BHP Billion

Opportunities with this company is surely not limited. They have a variety of opportunities for qualifying applicants. These can be found on the pages stipulated below. Their programs usually run during July and December every year.

De Beers

Online applications are possible with this company once their program opens. Applications can also be collected from College campus career center’s. Once their program opens it will be advertised online and through other media sources. You can find any open programs on their careers page. The fully completed application and all certified documentation must be submitted before the advertised closing date. This company will contact applicant who make the short list and may require these candidates to attend an interview. Notice of interest can also be done by registering your CV with the company.