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Latest Pharmacy Bursaries

As drugs evolve and become more complicated within the marketplace, pharmacists are the people that fill patient prescriptions for these new drugs. Pharmacists also explain to the patients how to use them. A lot of present consumers are more educated in health products and they have a lot more questions about all the treatments that physicians prescribe for them. As a result, it is on the shoulders of the pharmacist to make sure they can provide personal attention to medical consumer needs.

In an institutional environment pharmacists are a crucial part of the total healthcare team. They do not occupy the basement offices anymore. The education of pharmacists becomes more complicated as the profession becomes more difficult. Pharmacy training and medical school have a lot in common. They both have additional years of study, as well as fellowship and residencies in a lot of specialties. In the coming decades, the profession will only evolve, creating importance and opportunity.

Bursaries for Pharmacy available

Netcare Bursaries

Netcare bursaries are given to candidates that are talented and who want to help ill people and people that have a hard time caring for themselves. You are in the right field of study if considering a career in medicine and if you love working and helping people, help care for sick people, and want to help make other people’s lives better.

With the Netcare Bursaries, they want to make learning and further studying easier. Netcare has high values in learning, training, and education, and they are a very committed company in the medical industry.

Candidates that shows great potential can apply for a Netcare bursary, and with their bursary comes the opportunity to complete their studies. Netcare bursaries give their candidates opportunities to grow in value, develop their attributes and skills, as well as to become professional in their field of study.

Online bursary applications are not released yet, but you can send an email to education@netcare.co.za for a bursary application. If you are interested, you can contact one of their 5 Netcare Campuses for more information about their bursary application forms.

If you would like to know more about what Netcare has to offer and their learning opportunities, candidates can visit their website.

Shoprite Bursaries

Every year, the Shoprite Group of Companies gives 1 200 bursaries to all the candidates that deserve one. Shoprite bursaries are awarded to candidates that are focused on getting ahead in life. Shoprite has been helping all of their candidates achieve their dreams and goals for more than 15 years.

The Shoprite Bursary programs has been awarded in Retail, Accounting, CA Accounting, Business Management, Pharmacy, and much more. Make sure you include a certified copy of your ID, as well as your latest school results when applying. You can find an available online Shoprite bursary application and information on their website. To complete a Shoprite bursary application form takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Ekurhuleni Bursaries

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is known for their uplifting and help in the community. Ekurhuleni offers their bursaries and learnership programs to all members in the community; this is so that they can develop skills, and economic, as well as social strength. Women, disabled people and people with disadvantaged backgrounds can easily apply for an Ekurhuleni Bursary application.

Include your latest school results, plus a copy of your ID when applying for an Ekurhuleni Bursary. For more information regarding Ekurhuleni, their bursaries and what they have to offer, visit their website. You can apply for an Ekurhuleni Bursary application here. If you are interested, you can download one of their bursary application forms, complete it and make sure you send it back with all required documentation.

Department of Health Bursaries

All students with financial problems in all provinces are allowed to apply for a Department of Health Bursary. Each province within South Africa has a lot of scarce and critical skills that are desirable and will be obtainable for study. Online bursary applications for the Department of Health are not available at present at any departments. You can obtain one of their bursary application forms from your nearest municipality, local hospitals, and Department of Health centers.

The applications should be handed in as soon as they have been completed. Make sure you add required documentation. The application can be handed in at the institute you received the forms from or at any of your nearest Health Departments. If you would like more information regarding the bursaries offered in your province by the Department of Health, then simply visit your province for more information:

If the province you are currently living in was not named, visit your nearest Department of Health for a bursary application form.

Pharmacy Study Fields

  • physics,
  • humanities,
  • communication,
  • math,
  • chemistry,
  • biology,
  • social sciences,
  • economics,
  • calculus,
  • human anatomy,

Universities offering Pharmacy Studies Bursaries study fields are:

  • Damelin
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Johannesburg University
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • North-West University
  • University of Technology
  • Rhodes University
  • Central Technical College
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Stellenbosch

There is a wide selection of careers for this profession. Industries to consider for Pharmacy Studies are:

  • Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists
  • Managed-care Pharmacists
  • Consulting Pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical Researchers
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Opportunities
  • Community Pharmacists
  • Independent Community Pharmacists
  • Academic Pharmacists
  • Compounding Pharmacist
  • Poison Control Pharmacist
  • Psychiatric Pharmacist
  • Veterinary Pharmacist
  • Drug Information Specialist
  • Hospice Pharmacist
  • Oncology Pharmacist
  • Operating Room Pharmacist
  • Pediatric Pharmacist
  • Infectious Disease Pharmacist
  • Nuclear Pharmacist
  • Nutrition Support Pharmacist

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