Current Available Learnerships for Call Centers in SA

Popular Call Center Learnerships

A call center is basically a place that customers, as well as different telephone calls, are sorted by an organizer. It is usually organized by computer automation. A call center can handle a lot of calls at the same time, they can also log a lot of calls at the same time, as well as to forward and screen calls to people that are qualified to handle them. Call centers are typically used by very big organizations that specialize in providing or selling services and products via the telephone.

Learnership for Call centers available

1. Avusa Learnerships

Annually, the Avusa Media sector of Times Media awards the Avusa Learnership to all qualifying candidates from different communities. This learnership is merely a piece of the National Skills Department to help create new skills to form new job opportunities and to ease poverty. This learnership is awarded under the support of the SETA for the related industry. SETA is short for Sector Education and Training Authority.

Johnnic Communications was the first name before Avusa Media came along. In 2012, Avusa Media was acquired by a piece of Mvelaphanda Group and was renamed the Times Media Group. Some companies published a lot of magazines under this brand. Some of these are SA Mining, Soccerlife, Financial Mail, Elle, and Computing SA.

A lot of newspapers are also published under this brand. Some of these are Business Day, Daily Dispatch, Sunday World, The Sowetan, The Times, and The Sunday Times. This group owns a lot of retailers, publishers, community newspapers, and a record company. Keep an eye on the Times Media website to see if their learnership applications are available. Every year the applications for this learnership close around October.

2. BANKSETA Learnerships

In the year 1998, The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority were set up through the Skills Development Act. BANKSETA is short for the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority. The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority’s main goal is to help promote BBBEE. They also want to help equalize employment equity using their learnership program, as well as using skills development.

BANKSETA believes that to become better in the future, you have to target the faults in the past, and they want their candidates to do so using their learnership program. BANKSETA has been working closely with the School of Banking at UNISA to solve this problem. Since their alliances, BANKSETA has been awarding a lot of post-doctoral research grants in the banking field and this alliance has been very beneficial for UNISA.

Visit the BANKSETA website to find out more about their learnerships and when they are available, or contact Kelly at

3. Nedbank Learnerships

Nedbank has more than 200 different learnerships to offer the right candidates. Every year, Nedbank gives their learnerships to unemployed and young graduates from all communities. These learnerships were created so that the National Skills Development Strategy can help stop unemployment and help ease poverty. Nedbank is one of the four biggest banking companies within the whole of South Africa.

The Nedbank group is a bank holding company. The main banking subsidiary is Nedbank Ltd. You can download a Nedbank learnership application on the Nedbank website. Click here to find out more about what their learnership has to offer.

4. Merseta Learnerships

Merseta is one out of only 21 sectors that were created for the education and training departments. Merseta was formed to promote and develop talented candidates in skills that are scares within South Africa using their learnership program. The entire company functions under the Skills Development Act of 1998. Every sector represents a different area of South Africa’s economy.

Within this sector, there are about 44 000 companies, and there are about 600 000 skilled workers within all these companies. There is a big gap within the skilled workforce throughout the entire South Africa.

Merseta’s goal is to fill this gap using their learnership, they want to give talented individuals the opportunity to learn these needed skills.

All interested candidates can visit the Merseta website for more information regarding Merseta or their Learnerships. Their learnerships can consist of a period of 12-24 months. All registrations have to be done via this link.


Call center Studies Fields

Call centers are also used for computer product help desks, telemarketing companies, and mail-order catalog organizations. A call center learnership is the ideal job for a lot of different people. Exceptional communication is the bases of this line or field. This field requires you to be able to reach out to people without seeing them face-to-face, and that means that you will need to help angry or monotony customers over the phone.

People enrolled in this field usually enjoy talking to other people and have their own way of doing so.

  • Computer applications
  • English
  • Customer Service Communication
  • Basic business practices
  • Call Center Operations

Universities offering Call center learnership study fields are:

  • University of Cape Town
  • Johannesburg University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • University of western cape
  • University of Technology
  • Monash University
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of the free state
  • Tshwane University
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • North-West University
  • Cape peninsula University
  • Kwa Zulu Natal University

There is a wide selection of career paths for this profession. Industries to consider for Call Center learnerships are:

  • Call Centre Manager
  • Technical Support
  • Sales Manager
  • Corporate Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centre Operation