This Years Latest Learnerships for Public Relations PR

Public Relations Learnerships South Africa

This field revolves around people, press, and the media. There are a lot of Government, public, and private industries, agencies, and companies that offer learnership in this field of study. Public Relations PR includes the conveying of communications, researching, distribution, organizing, and information. This field of study is very widespread, depending on the career field that you take, it could include crisis management, advertising, and writing of speeches.

Learnerships for Public Relations available

1. SETA Learnerships

The company first started up in 2005. The SETA Company’s main goal is to implement the National Skills Development Strategy plan. SETA is short for Sector Education and Training Authority; most people know them as “SETA”. They want to make sure that all needed skills in all the different sectors are developing thanks to their learnership. The SETA Company’s sectors have taken the place of thirty-three Industry Training Boards.

SETA has great power, as well as great responsibilities in all the different sectors. All the occupation and industries are roofed by SETA’s sectors. All SETA’s learnerships, internships, as well as learning programs, follow all the skills development plans. SETA does not have an online learnership application available at the moment. All qualifying candidates can visit the department closest to them for more information about them and their learnerships.

Candidates can have a look on the SETA website to see what learnerships they have available, as well as to find more information regarding SETA.

2. Vodacom Learnerships

On a yearly basis, Vodacom offers learnerships to interested candidates that have all the needed qualifications to apply. Vodacom created their learnerships to help young candidates, as well as to help the government’s unemployment go down. The Vodacom learnership has all the opportunities that the government’s National Skills Development Strategy has to offer. Within the entire South Africa, Vodacom is one of the biggest cell-phone companies.

Vodacom is a section of Vodafone, which is an international company. Vodacom believes that they should help this colorful nation of ours grow and succeed. They believe that every South African citizen can make a difference in the world and that everyone has the right to gain degrees and qualifications. This is the principle of The Vodacom Way, and is the core of the Vodacom Company’s culture. Visit their website for more information.

3. Department of Social Development Learnerships

Are you interested in a social development learnership program? Does this field of study interest you? If so, you have come to the right place. Social development is a field that mainly focuses and deals with the participation, growth, as well as well-being of different individuals. This field requires candidates that are interested and loves helping people move towards a better future and it needs candidates to do real hands-on work.

For more information about the Department of Social Development, what they have to offer their candidates or about their learnerships, please visit their website.

4. Department of Labor Learnerships

The Department of Labor is a Government department that was created to help companies and people regulate working terms and conditions. The Department of Labor is working with multiple companies to make sure that all candidates are treated fairly and equally. They help ensure that all candidates join the workforce with the needed and required skills. The Department of Labor learnerships was created to help people train and gain the knowledge they need.

The Department of Labor is helping the Governments National Skills Development Strategy Plan go as planned. Additionally, the Department of Labor offers their candidates the best learning opportunities, skills development in the different formal sectors, and employment growth. Their learnership helps the South African youth become a great part of the SA workforce, in addition to assisting with the development of small businesses, and it helps with social development.

The Department of Labor does not have online applications available. However, candidates can apply for a learnership here at their newest division (ESSA).  Visit the Department of Labor’s website for more information about the Department of Labor or what they have to offer their candidates.

Public Relations Studies Fields:

This field can also may include external communication, internal communication, organizing events, press release, working with social media, being a spokesperson for a big company or organization and much more.  Continue reading to find a list of different companies that offer Public Relations PR learnerships to qualifying candidates. Pr is used every day by everyone for something or another.

Talking face-to-face with a person, sending an email, writing a letter, or calling someone is all a part of PR. Just because PR is used in everyday life does not mean just anyone can qualify in PR aspects like evaluating, recruiting, fundraising, planning, research, or marketing. PR is more-so a field that requires learning, qualifications, and intense training.

  • Management
  • Media Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Performance Management
  • Principles of Microeconomics

Universities offering Public Relations Studies Learnership study fields are:

  • Cape peninsula University of south africa
  • Damelin
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • University of Technology
  • Monash University
  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Central Technical College
  • University of Pretoria
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • North-West University
  • Tshwane University
  • Walter sisulu University

There is a wide selection of careers for this profession. Industries to look at for Public Relations Studies are:

  • Employee Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Public Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Account Executive
  • Media Relations